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7 Races Live Result

  1. Pre Race 1 150 Km.
  2. Pre Race 2 180 Km.
  3. Hot Spot 1 Race 210 Km.
  4. Hot Spot 2 Race 260 Km.
  5. Hot Spot 3 Race 330 Km.
  6. Semi Final Race 430 Km.
  7. FCI Final Race 530 Km.
    (Organized by Thailand Rayong Masters))

Top Experience

In addition, to promote the mundial ranking to all nations, Thailand Masters FCI is OLR with a capacity to handle more than 6,000 pigeons under the support of Benzing, the world’s best pigeon clocking system. With 2 M1 and 12 sets of 12 field antennas, the trainings and official races will be watched online by the participants real time.

Main Objectives

Pigeon health is the main objective of the loft management, therefore, the prevention system will be applied at Thailand Masters FCI. The vaccination program will be set to control Paramyxovirus, Herpesvirus, Adenovirus, Rotavirus, Pox, and Salmonella. The canker, respiratory, worm, and external parasites will also be controlled by our experienced loft manager and well trained staffs. The exercise and training programs will be set to assure the best performance of all the pigeon entries. The climate check before releasing of the birds will be strictly monitored by the management team to minimize loss in each training or race.


from 26 countries submitted pigeons


1st shipment from kuwait

The 1st Winner FCI Final Race 530 KM

The 2nd Winner FCI Final Race 530 KM

The 3rd Winner FCI Final Race 530 KM

The 4th Winner FCI Final Race 530 KM

The 5th Winner FCI Final Race 530 KM