1. The 150 EUR entry fee for the 1st pigeon of each team shall be paid upfront to the coordinator when the pigeons are collected. The entry fee is 150 EUR per pigeon to be paid after 100 km.- qualified round. The participants must activate the qualified pigeons by paying within 5 days from the qualified date.
  2. After a 5 day-activated period, the pigeons, which are not activated, are transferred their rights to the organizer. The free activated pigeons will be opened to any participant to activate at 150 EUR per pigeon. The participants who activate those pigeons shall have all rights of the pigeons i.e., the prize money, and the auction money. The activated pigeons can be replaced for lost pigeons in the team.
  3. The payment amount for the 1st entry fee and/or the activation fee to the organizer shall cover any bank fees charged for the payment transaction.
  4. Any lost pigeon can be replaced by the participant within July 31, 2024. The organizer will inform the participant for the replacement
  5. The participants sending 12 pigeons or more at the beginning have the right to race for the Team Championship.
  6. The participants sending less than 12 pigeons at the beginning must activate additional pigeons for a full team of 12 pigeons for the Team Championship.
  7. After the competition is finished, the following pigeons shall be auctioned of which the pigeon’s owner shall receive 60% of the auction proceeds after the deduction of 10% processing fee :
    • 1st – 130th rank of 500 km. Final Derby Race and all ranks of Ace Pigeon
    • 1st – 3rd ranks of 400 km. FCI Final, 320 km. Hot Spot 3, 260 km. Hot Spot 2, and 220 km. Hot Spot 1
    • 131th rank onwards of 500 km. FCI Final Race only for the imported pigeons from foreign participants (pigeons of Thai participants shall be returned to the participants.)
  8. The prizes and the auction proceeds shall be paid after the deduction of Thailand’s tax.
  9. The bidders are responsible for any freight expenses for the shipment of pigeons auctioned by the bidders to any destinations. The organizer will provide a good cooperative service for the shipment. However, it is not the organizer’s responsibilities for all cases that the pigeons could not delivered to the bidders caused from any conditions or any cases. For such cases occurred, there will be no return of the auction proceeds to the bidders.
  10. The organizer shall no longer be responsible for all pigeons remaining at the organizer after 60 days from the end of auction period.

Team Prize for the Final Race Award

The pigeons in rank 1st – 500th that arrive not later 6 pm on the next day of the liberation date are entitled for the team prize award. The point is derived from the number of pigeons returned for each team. The team with the highest point is awarded to be the winner. In case that there is the equal point, the team with the best score is awarded to be the winner. The best score is determined by the lowest score calculated from the accumulation of rank.  

In example:

Team A arrived 2 pigeons in rank 1 and 7 = 2 points / 8 scores (from 1+7)

Team B arrived 2 pigeons in rank 3 and 4 = 2 points / 7 scores (from 3+4)

The winner is Team B

Ace Pigeon Award

The Ace Pigeon is awarded to the pigeon received the best score accumulated from all 5 distances (210 km, 260 km, 330 km, 430 km, and 530 km). The best score is determined by the lowest score accumulated from all 5 distances. For each distance, the ranks entitled for the Ace Pigeon must be within 30% of a total pigeons basketed.


Entitled Rank for each distance = # Pigeons basketed * 30%

Score   = Rank * 1,000 / # Pigeons basketed * Distance

Remark: For the final race, the entitled ranks are the ranks equal to 30% of the number of pigeons basketed but arrived not later than 6 pm on the next day of the liberation date.