2nd Training Point

Training is matter

Greetings ! 5th shipment from Waldow Werner, Europe

Welcome ! 4th shipment from Kuwait

Welcome ! the exclusive flight from Mike Ganus & Jim Ward

Welcome ! 3rd shipment from Kuwait

Greetings ! 4th shipment from Belgium

Welcome 4th shipment from Werner A. Waldow

Welcome 2nd shipment from Philippines

Greetings ! 2nd shipment from Qatar

Greetings ! New arrivals from Europe via Werner A Waldow

Welcome again ! 3rd shipment from Belgium

Welcome again ! 2nd shipment from Canada

Welcome, new arrivals from Netherlands

Greetings ! shipment from Romania & Sparta 300

Warm welcome, 3rd shipment from Europe

Welcome again, 2nd shipment from Kuwait

Reception for shipment from Europe

Reception for shipment from Philippines

Quarantine compartment for European pigeons

Regulatory swab test by the government veterinarian

Vaccination procedure for new arrival pigeons

Feeding time with a mixture of 30 best qualities grains and seeds

Supplement feeding with Super Grit Mix

Healthcare supplement feeding with Orni-DT

Healthcare supplement feeding with Transport-Mix

Healthcare supplement feeding with Coli-Stop

Healthcare supplement feeding with Cocci-Tricho

Cleaning and sterilization loft

Thailand Masters Loft